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Why Take Alternate Trail For Kedarkantha Trek?

The Kedarkantha Trek has witnessed a heavy footfall in the past few years. The winters are mostly full with thousands of people conquering the peak every day. The extreme rush-like conditions have resulted in most of the people wishing for an alternate route. A route that would offer an equivalent exposure to the beauty and offer lesser rush at the same time. Here, we have brought to you an alternate route to do the Kedarkantha Trek! If you are an adventure enthusiast and looking to imbibe the true beauty of the mountains, this article is for you guys!

The impeccable beauty of the Kedarkantha trek deserves the attention of the world. This trek is quite popular, with an estimated 1,000+ individuals visiting the summit during peak winter months. The Sankri base camp is nearly full, and there may not be enough room for you. There are several alternate routes for Kedarkantha summit but people are less aware of the other trails. Juda Ka Talab and Kedarkantha base is a key hotspot for most trekking lovers due to its huge clearings.

Offbeat Trail with Splendid Views

The best thing is that you still can do this trek in a peaceful environment. However, there are many offbeat trails for Kedarkantha peak but the two well-defined trails are Kotgaon and Gaichawan village trails. Most of the trekking organisations accommodate trekkers to Kotgaon but their trek starts from Sankri.



Kotgaon is a small, scenic and traditional village located near Sankri village in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. The height of Kotgaon is 6,330 feet. The village is surrounded by beautiful views of mountain peaks, waterfalls and greenery. You can even see Kedarkantha peak from here. The village is quite famous for its iconic homestays and the Someshwar Mahadev temple.

Kotgaon Village Food Festival

The main attraction during winter is a ‘folk food festival’ that starts on the 24th of Pausa of Hindu Calendar which is 11th January 2022. In this festival, the families prepare different kinds of food in each meal and this festival continues for a week. Badi, Kheer, Cheera, Poh, Meat are the dishes they prepare and they share these dishes with their neighbours and guests. 


Walking through a dense forest of fir, oak, maple you see the most beautiful long trees covered in white sheets of snow. The Khujey campsite is at the height of 9,510 ft. The trek is 5 km with a moderate and gradual ascent. Then you see a hundred meters long ground just like waiting and welcoming you.


Odari Campsite is parallel to Kedarkantha Basecamp at the height of 10,100 ft. surrounded by alpine trees. It is a small clearing. The Kedarkantha summit is 4 Km from here. It is far preferable to be based in a small group than in a dispersed manner in the crowd. The brilliant stars add to the beauty of the evening sky. The sight becomes more lovely as the night progresses. The dense network of stars and the dazzling peaks of the mountain all come together to create a breathtaking view that will stay with you forever.

The only thing you need to be concerned about is your attire. At such altitudes, it is extremely cold, and you must use caution.


An Inclusive Trek with The Exclusive Trail

The multiple trails that lead us to this beautiful destination are the best part of this trek. The Kotagon path is a fantastic route with few people but spectacular vistas. From Odari Basecamp to Juda Ka Talab, you can create unforgettable moments. One of the key advantages of hiking this trail is the opportunity to see everything while also taking in some extra beauty. It's a whole package, and you won't be disappointed.

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